Office for iPad–What you need to know

Submitted by: Reed Wilson , President and Founder of PTG, a Microsoft Tier 3 Cloud Champion, Cloud Accelerate partner and Cloud deployment partner providing technology solutions including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Private Cloud, and IT Infrastructure to businesses and enterprises nationally.

By now you have heard that Microsoft has released an Office Suite for the iPad.  There has long been an Office Mobile for iPhone – but it was really meant for consuming data, not creating data.

You can get Office for the iPad from the App Store (links below).  Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are each separate downloads – but once you download and open one, your iPad will ask if you want to install the other apps as well.

There are two important things you need to know:

1) Anyone can download each of the products to view and present (assuming you have an adapter that will plug into a monitor or projector) for free.

2) If you want the ability to create content on any of the products in Office for iPad – you will need an Office 365 subscription that includes the Office download. These are, most frequently, the Midsize Business SKU, the Home Premium SKU, the Small Business SKU,  the E3 Enterprise SKU and Education SKU (Note that installing Office for iPad counts as one of your 5 Office client installs.)

We will be posting another blog post in the coming days on how to download and configure Office on your iPad.

As promised – here are those links!





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