Professional IT Support

Our difference is the support we offer to your daily technology issues through our certif ied professionals. We believe whole-heartedly in proactive tech support. We meet with your team to discuss your big picture. We set up quarterly meetings to discuss your new goals and the tools you need to get there, including your cybersecurity, disaster recovery plan, and budgeting.

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Phenomenal Experiences

Whether you're talking to sales, services, or our admin team, we're focused on solving business problems — not sticking a bandage on a tech issue. We believe in re-earning your business with every interaction, delivering exceptional managed IT services tailored to your needs.

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No Long-Term Contracts

No business owner likes surprises when it comes to expenses. We believe your technology costs should be predictable, which is why we work with customers on a recurring, flat -fee basis.

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Teamwork. Security. Productivity.

We believe that there are three common challenges that every business must solve: Teamwork, Security, and Productivity. PTG uses our proven processes, solutions from our partners, and years of experience to solve these for each of our customers.

Teamwork: Businesses work well when teams work well – and that's where we help. When we team up, our team provides yours with the specific tools that help your flow of communication while managing your back-end technology. Your team will be able to work efficiently no matter where they connect for the day.

Security: There are few industries that change as quickly as technology. That’s why our experts are constantly updating their knowledge on the latest in the cybersecurity landscape. When you hear about a new cyber threat – and there is always a new threat – our team is already aware and proactively looking for solutions before it can affect our customers.

Productivity: Our experts will strategize with yours to develop solutions that fit your needs exactly. Whether it's regularly updating your technology, installing AV in your new conference rooms, or dealing with quick technical issues, we take the stress out of your tech.