Real-Time Monitoring

Every second matters when it comes to downtime. Our experts update and monitor your network in real-time to keep you safe from threats as they happen.

Phishing Tests

Mitigating your biggest known risk may seem simple on the surface. Our team tests your group regularly with phishing tests to help diminish the possibility of errors.

The Dark Web

If the worst happens and your company passwords hit the dark web, our team can alert you and take corrective action to save your business from future headaches.

Email Encryption

Email configuration services with optional encryption to lessen the chance of malicious emails reaching your inbox.

Secure Firewalls

Secure firewalls with 24/7 software updates and annual hardware replacements, so you’re always protected

CyberSOC Services

We leverage the technologies of the finest endpoint security and cyberSOC services in the business.

Internet Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of outbound Internet connections, to ensure you’re actually going where you think you intend to and not a malicious site.

Endpoint Protection

Every employee in your organization has a laptop, phone, and maybe even a tablet or more. It's our job to make sure every device is secure.


Data Breaches

Data security training should be part of your new employee onboarding, and staff should be retrained regularly.

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Security Training

The biggest weakness is inside your business. All it takes is one employee accidentally clicking on a bad email or opening a malicious attachment for your entire business to be compromised. PTG offers regular security training to keep your employees informed and vigilant.

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Cybersecurity Preparedness

We work with our customers to make sure they are properly protected against current threats. Utilizing a zero-trust, multi-layered approach, we can mitigate most risks that you are likely to face. Unfortunately, though, bad things will happen.

As the FBI states: "It's not a matter of if you get hacked, but when." Our IT team will work with you to prepare your business for disruption - and a plan to get you back on track.

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Need a Security Audit?

Learn what specific vulnerabilities your company has and how you can keep your business safe.

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