5 Reasons OneDrive is a Great Cloud Solution for iOS


In Part 1 of our blog series on OneDrive, we discussed why OneDrive has emerged as the leading cloud solution for users looking for convenient storage that's also secure.

In this post, we'd like to focus specifically on what makes OneDrive a great cloud storage option for people using iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

OneDrive is fully integrated with the Files app


You can access your pictures, docs, and videos stored on OneDrive directly through the Files app - knowing that just like on a desktop, changes like renaming will be synced across devices.

This also makes moving files a lot easier, since you can migrate your stuff from a different cloud storage into OneDrive just by using the move feature. No more clunky uploading!

Pro-tip: "Tag" your files using the "tags" feature to make finding them even quicker.

OneDrive is great for storing photos and videos on iOS.

Use your OneDrive app to upload photos and videos to your iOS devices.

If you allow OneDrive to access your camera, you can even save pictures you take directly to OneDrive - instead of sending them to iCloud. (Just remember to turn off "photos optimized for iCloud" in Settings.

Settings>iCloud>Photos turn Off. 

If you want to turn on automatic uploading to OneDrive for Business accounts, first, select the "Me" icon > Photos. Once in the Photos view, from the Camera upload status pop-up, select Turn on. (If you already have Camera Upload enabled on another account, select Change.) Confirm your choice and you're good to go.

Camera Backup to OneDrive on iOS

Make sure Include Videos is turned on and videos you shoot will be automatically uploaded as well.

You can also organize your photos by year, month, or for users with a personal account – a list.

File Previewing is Enabled for Hundreds of File Types

OneDrive allows you to preview files - even if you don't have the program that created that file installed on your iOS device.

If someone sends you a PowerPoint or even a PSD file they made in Photoshop, you can tap the file and get a preview. Preview doesn't allow for editing, but OneDrive's share option allows you to easily send it to another device where you have the right program installed to open the file up and make changes.


Drag and Drop with OneDrive in iOS

OneDrive's drag and drop functionality is more complete than Google Drive or Dropbox on iOS.

 You can drag OneDrive folders, files, or multiple files around and drop them into other OneDrive folder levels or even other locations like your mail app.

OneDrive works with Office Lens on iOS

Tap the camera icon when opening the OneDrive app to access the Lens camera features on your iOS device, you can import business card data and scan whiteboards and docs into your OneDrive for convenient record keeping on the go.

The ease of use, integration with the Microsoft graph, and organizational functionality of OneDrive on iOS is truly great. It actually manages to enhance the experience of using an iPhone or iPad - rather than present limitations.


Overall, OneDrive is an easier to use, better cloud solution for iOS than Google Drive, Dropbox, or even iCloud. 

Need help setting up OneDrive for Business accounts? Contact us today. 

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