The Advantages of a Business Going Paperless in 2020

Guest post by: Ashley Lipman 

You've probably been hearing about other businesses going paperless for some time now. Do you know how this practice can benefit your company? Check out some significant advantages of a paperless system.

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Better Access

You've likely experienced the frustration of getting to a meeting and realizing you don't have all the documents you need. Even worse is when you’re on a business trip, or working remote and the office is closed. You end up having to wait until the next business day to get the documents you need.

However, in a paperless business, this isn’t a problem. You can simply log into your cloud account and have immediate access to the documents you need. A cloud solution can keep you from having issues with access to your files.

Increased Productivity

With a traditional office file system, workers can spend up to an hour each day looking for documents. This consumes precious time, and time is money. Printing and filing paperwork also takes up time.

If you use a cloud or automated document management system, your team can find the document they need much more quickly. This avoids the time wasted by looking for misplaced files, as well. Employees will likely feel more satisfied, as they have more time to focus on their area of expertise.

More Space 

Going paperless can eliminate the problem of physical file storage. Over a few years, businesses can accumulate hundreds of file boxes that need to be stored somewhere. These boxes can sometimes end up taking over space in offices and conference rooms.

With a paperless system, you will no longer need closets and offices filled with old documents. Digital files take up no physical space at all. They are stored remotely and can be accessed from anywhere.

Better Security

Digital documents are safer than in the office. They are encrypted and protected by several layers of security. You can set permissions so that only specific people can access them. On the other hand, documents in the office are accessible to anyone who can enter the office.

Another benefit of digital cloud files is that they are not as vulnerable to destruction by theft or fire. Since they are stored off-site and often have copies saved on multiple computers, there’s always a backup.

Fewer Errors

Going paperless can also involve implanting automated systems that reduce the risk of errors that occur with manual data input. These systems also help guarantee that documents are saved in the correct place.

There are document management systems available that can scan data from physical or digital documents to be used in your business. If you’re processing invoices, for example, these systems can capture the invoice data, check it against a purchase order, and send verified data to the finance system.

Lower Cost

A paperless office can reduce costs in several ways. First, you’ll save time, which results in saved money. Automated systems result in higher productivity and may eliminate the need to hire more staff.

Fewer mistakes will also result in lower costs, saving the time needed to redo work lost through errors. Additionally, you’ll save money that you would typically spend on paper and ink or toner. You can even choose to use solutions like online faxing from eFax for even further savings.


Your business can save time and money by going paperless. Even going partially paperless can make a big difference. Documents stored in the cloud are readily accessible and can avoid frustration and wasted time.

Automated processes help to avoid costly human errors. Going paperless will save you from the nuisance of accumulated file boxes taking over the office. It also makes transitioning to remote work seamless. Consider converting your business to paperless today. PTG can help

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Author Credit: Ashley is an award-winning writer from Studyclerk who discovered her passion in providing creative solutions for building brands online. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches.


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