Where to Store Your Files in Office 365

If you’re new to Office 365, figuring out where to store your files can be confusing. There are multiple options (OneDrive and Sharepoint), and if you aren’t familiar with them, it can be hard to know what files to put where.

Most of us, before moving to cloud, were used to storing our files in folders on our computer or on a shared server. With Office 365, though, your files are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere. But this doesn’t mean you have to change the way you work when it comes to saving files.

You have a few different options – namely Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business (please note – Microsoft uses OneDrive to refer to a couple of different options. We explain this difference in this blog post).

Matt and Graham break down the differences between OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint in this video:

For a quick recap, think of OneDrive for Business as replacing your My Documents folder (or an external hard drive). Use it for your files that you don’t necessarily want everyone to access. If you DO want to share files with someone, but not necessarily to whole company, you can share from within OneDrive.

Sharepoint is basically a replacement for a shared server. These files will be accessible by other people in your company. Your Sharepoint administrator can set up libraries and permissions based on job role (much like having separate shared folders for different parts of the company).

If you have any questions about where to store your files, or if you’d like more information about cloud storage, please contact us.

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