Working with OneDrive for Business for iOS

OneDrive for Business is a part of the Office 365 Suite or can be used as a standalone product.  OneDrive is a great way to share documents and files without having to pass a bunch of email around internally or externally.  With OneDrive for Business you can easily share documents with other folks from inside your organization or outside your organization.

Here’s how the process works on iOS (iPhone).  This post assumes that you already have your file in OneDrive.

Open OneDrive and look for the file you want to share.  Once you have found it – tap on it.  In this example, I am sharing a ZIP file.  Once the file is opened you will see a person icon with a plus on it in the lower left hand corner.  Tap that to share the file. (The buttons across the bottom are Share, Make Available Offline, and the ellipse allows you to rename, delete, or open the file in another app.  By the way, if you are working with an Office document, you will also have the option to edit the file from this menu.)


Now tap the + button to actually share the document.


The next screen allows you to put in the email address of the person with whom you would like to share the document.  You can also press the + button in the Share With: box to search contacts from your phone.  Slide the ‘Let Recipient Edit’ bar over if you want to allow the user to just view the document versus editing it.

image image

Then press “Add” in the upper right hand corner and your document will be shared!  Happy sharing!

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