SharePoint Misconceptions

Submitted by: Graham Cobb , Project Manager at PTG, a Microsoft Tier 3 Cloud Champion, Cloud Accelerate partner and Cloud deployment partner providing technology solutions including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Private Cloud, and IT Infrastructure to businesses and enterprises nationally.

One of the biggest misconceptions of SharePoint is that you have to log into the website to access your data. I manage several migrations each month and it is a necessity I have quick access to signed scopes and customer information. The easiest way to get to that information is to download SkyDrive Pro to your desktop and click “Sync” on the SharePoint site you wish to have access to from your desktop.

Sharepoint Image 1

Once this is setup it is as simple as opening a folder on your desktop. You can view all the files in one location.

Sharepoint Image 2

The icon on the file will let you know the status of the file. It will also alert you if the file hasn’t synced or available. This makes opening up your files very easy without having to save them locally to your machine. Setting up this process can be done usually within one afternoon (selecting the files you want to have quick access to and the time for them to sync to your file explorer). Schedule a demo with our Sales team @

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