Outlook IMAP setup messages marked for deletion

Submitted by: Amar Raina, an Outsourced IT Support Specialist with Palmetto Technology Group

As the manager for PTG’s Outsourced IT Support Team Blue, I keep a database of commonly asked questions. A lot of requests we receive are about Microsoft Office 365, and especially Microsoft Outlook. In this blog I will share a tip about how to hide Deleted Messages.

Issue: Outlook Users sees a strikethrough on their email message when choosing the Delete option.

Question: Why "Deleted" messages show up with strikethrough in my Outlook folder upon deletion?

One of the quirks of IMAP is that messages are neither deleted immediately when you press Del nor moved to a Trash folder but "marked for deletion" until you update the folder (usually by navigating to another folder).  IMAP is not a true Active Sync so it leaves the message in the users’ respective folder until they navigate away from it.

How to fix this issue:

To hide messages already marked for deletion in Outlook:

-      Outlook 2010/2013

  • Select  VIEW | CURRENT VIEW (drop down)  | ****
    • ****:  if you have IMAP set up you will see HIDE MESSAGES MARKED FOR DELETION
    • Would show up here if I had IMAP set up


-      Outlook 2003


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