BlackBerry vs Droid

I broke down and bought a Droid Incredible. I've been a BlackBerry user for 10+ years. I fondly remember my first Nextel BlackBerry that weighed about 5 pounds (and oddly, was blue, not black).

First impressions on the Droid:
-Heavy email users will hate the touch screen. Especially if you have fat fingers like I do.
-Battery life is horrendous. I couldn't get a full day with even light phone use. I am not a light phone user. Even with Task Killer - battery life is terrible.
-The touch screen interface is pretty cool for all things except email. This is my first 'touchscreen' (besides the Storm, which didn't count) and I really like the ability to pan, pinch, etc.
-The HTC 'scenes' (which allow you to change the look of the phone) are pretty slick.
-Integration with Exchange leaves a lot to be lacking. Emails come in 10 minutes after they arrive to my Outlook client.
-The apps are pretty slick. Ok, very slick.
-The web is lightning fast. I love the way news sites 'auto-size' for easy reading. None of the troublesome scrolling like I have on my Tour.
-Most importantly, it is not durable - at all. Day 3, I dropped it. The screen died. And, well, my insurance provider from Verizon did replace it - but they also just dropped me from their plan. I've dropped every BlackBerry from my Nextel BlackBerry to my Tour and they all took their beatings like the workhorses they were.

If you are on the go alot - I wouldn't recommend this phone. Not durable enough and you'll be looking for juice about 1/2 through your day.
If you are a heavy emailer - I wouldn't recommend this phone. Especially if you like to type fast.
If you are a light email user and a 'corridor warrior' versus a 'road warrior' - I would make the switch back to a Droid.

By the way - I am back on the BlackBerry.

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