These 4 Tech Innovations Displayed at Microsoft Inspire are Full of Rich Opportunities.

Microsoft Inspire 2019 Opening

Microsoft held their Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready events in Las Vegas last week and PTG's sales and marketing teams were there. Here are a few of the demonstrations that really impressed us. 

There were a ton of exciting things to see and do, but here are four advancements in technology that Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, revealed during the corenote session at T-mobile arena.

Microsoft Inspire 2019 Opening

You don't want to miss this exciting news about how Microsoft is helping to empower people to achieve more, democratize data and build the world's connected business cloud.

Mixed Reality Technology Has Come A Long Way

One of the most impressive demos of the day was when Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Julia White @julwhite used the Hololens 2 to show how holographic experiences can break down language barriers.

Julia stood on the Inspire stage when suddenly, as everyone looked at the jumbo-tron screen, a life-size hologram of her materialized before our very eyes.

Julia's Hologram addressed the crowd in fluent Japanese -- a language she (a native English speaker) does not know.


Julia White Holographic Demonstration Microsoft Inspire 2019

It was an impressive example of just how far Conversational AI and holographic technology has come. While this new tech looks cool, it has real-world implications for industries such as automotive, healthcare, education, and more. This is part of Microsoft's initiative to "democratize AI" or bring the value of this technology to everyone.

The Cloud Is Making Healthcare Access More Affordable And Scaleable

On the day three corenote, Microsoft showed a heartwarming video of the result of its partnership with Phulukisa Health Solutions founder Dr. Raymond Campbell.

Using Microsoft's advanced cloud solutions, Dr. Campbell was able to deploy a smart backpack for field medical workers. The backpack's device is able to screen for common diseases like TB and HIV in rural third-world countries. Field doctors are able to receive test results in minutes, cutting down response to treatment time and potential saving many lives.

The Days of Being Able to Save and Crunch Limitless Data Are Becoming a Reality

By leveraging the power of an Azure SQL Database, a demo of a virtually limitless database was shown at Inspire using the example of an Operations Manager at a European auto company.

Essentially, what the demo showed is that an app could be used to consistently monitor an entire line of autonomous vehicles all over the world. Enabling real-time decisions as the database easily handles tens of thousands of events per second.

During the demonstration the database size grew to 200 TB of data that was processed in under ten minutes. "Finally, we have technology now that guarantees that databases of any size, scale, and state can recover in constant time," says Rohan Kumar, CVP Azure Data.


Azure Hyperscale Microsoft Inspire 2019

AI Apps Are Getting Easier For Anyone To Build

According to Microsoft's research, 500 million apps will be created in the next 5 years. The PowerApps AI Builder, currently in preview by Microsoft, wants to give anyone the ability to add AI capabilities to the apps they create and use -- regardless of a person's technical ability.

A practical example of this technology that was shown at the Inspire corenote, was the ability to build an application that can understand and lift facts off of any physical page and automatically add it to a data stream that can be stored in the cloud.

Using PowerApps AI Builder, workflows like this are possible to install without knowing how to write a single line of code.

There were so many technological advancements for improving productivity, connectivity, and quality of life at Microsoft Inspire this week! You can find more videos from the Inspire event on Microsoft's Official Youtube Channel.

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