3 Reasons You May Have The Wrong IT Support Provider.


Not all IT managed services are created equal. It takes a great organizational team with the right certified experts to serve today's modern businesses.

The fact is, a lot of otherwise successful companies are being held back by less than "best in class" IT support.

Here are some indications that it may be time to switch your managed IT services to another provider.

Your MSP Is Not Living Up To Their SLA

Hopefully, when you hired your current IT team, they provided you with a detailed service level agreement that laid out the services they would provide, plus plans for dealing with on-going support and daily threats.

Your SLA should clearly explain what responsibilities belong to the MSP and which one's fall on the employees at the company, in addition to what isn't covered in the normal scope of work. The benefits you'll receive by working with the MSP should be clearly outlined in writing.

MSP's who struggle with responsiveness and execution often violate their SLA's, but few clients ever call them out on it.

Poor service, slower than usual response times, and unnecessary downtime are the traits of an MSP who is not serving their client's best interests. If your MSP did not even provide you with an SLA, your company is probably not getting "best in class" IT service.

At PTG, we value teamwork, service, and growth to deliver phenomenal IT experiences and help our customers to work better. 

Their IT Services Don't Serve You First

MSP's who put cost-saving and technical shortcuts before your security are putting your entire organization at risk.

Not every technical issue can be solved by the same solution. It takes an agile and experienced MSP to customize solutions for each client. If your IT team is too small, they may be stuck providing the lowest cost, easiest to deliver solution while you miss out on getting the technologies and solutions that will take your business forward and make you more successful.

Your Managed IT Services Provider Isn't Forward-Thinking Enough

Today's businesses need IT providers that can give them predictable budgets and a 12-month road map that keeps them competitive in the marketplace. A good MSP won't try and sell you hardware and services that don't fit your unique technology plan.

Your MSP should meet with you quarterly to discuss the big picture. Forward-thinking IT means planning for problems before they happen--rather than being reactive.

Technical challenges arise in any organization, but if you have "best in class" IT support, your MSP will have well-planned solutions and provide fast comprehensive support that leverages technology to bring your business more value.

Are you not getting all you could out of your IT infrastructure? Contact Us Today. We'd be happy to be your full-service IT service, or just fill in the gaps where your in-house team could use some extra help. 


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