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IT Support for Medical Offices

Medical practices and patients rely on technology every day to ensure the quality of care. Are your computer systems up to date, or are you in need of hardware and software upgrades? Could you pass a HIPAA or HITECH audit?

PTG, a leading Medical IT support company in Greenville, SC, can help you assess your current IT environment and implement business solutions specific to your medical practice.

HIPAA Compliance

Are you compliant? PTG IT tech support specialists have helped many medical practices implement an electronic documentation and notification system to assist in compliance. With federal regulations that address patient privacy and security, those in the medical industry must evaluate their IT practices to ensure they have the right tools in place to stay in compliance.

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Office 365 for Medical Offices

We’ve helped dozens of medical offices move to Office 365 to get rid of IT headaches and stay HIPAA compliant. Small businesses like medical offices give Office 365 a close look for a few reasons -- see the Office 365 benefits. 


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