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How Can Cybersecurity Companies like PTG Help You?

We use the latest tools, tests, techniques, and monitoring to keep your data safe from the bad guys.


Companies regularly fall victim to data breaches. Valuable data is hacked, sensitive customer information is leaked, and hackers demand ransoms to turn over stolen files. Small- to medium-sized businesses are some of the biggest targets.


We’ll work with your IT team or leadership team to find the data security solutions that fit your needs and your budget without causing disruptions to your day-to-day work life.


Not sure where to start? Ask us about a free data security consultation to learn what vulnerabilities your company faces and how you can keep your company safe.

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Microsoft plus SentinelOne

SecuritySuite: All-Around IT Security at a Low Monthly Cost

Traditionally, IT security costs (like firewalls and antivirus software) have been static, annual renewals that are only thought about when it’s time to renew. But IT security threats are constantly evolving—and your data security has to evolve with them.

We’re introducing a new way to think of about your data security: SecuritySuite, a service our IT support team updates and monitors in real time to simplify your data security costs and take the guesswork out of cybersecurity.

SecuritySuite is a comprehensive, single security solution made from the best industry solutions and administered by our support experts.

You’ll get:

  • Secure firewall with 24/7 software updates and annual hardware replacements, so you’re always protected
  • Cloud-based, robust antivirus software and web security software scans in real time to keep you protected without affecting performance
  • Email configuration services with optional encryption to lessen the chance of malicious emails reaching your inbox
  • Real-time monitoring of outbound Internet connections, making sure you’re actually going where you think you’re going online—and not to a malicious site

We leverage the technology of the finest endpoint security and cyberSOC services in the business, with SentinelOne and Arctic Wolf. For example, with our SentinelOne deployment, your company will have the peace of mind of a million dollar ransomware guarantee!

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Meet Joe Accetta

Joe is a Systems Engineer at PTG. Before working at PTG, Joe had 19 years of experience in the IT managed services business, specializing in financial institutions. Along the way, he honed his data and cybersecurity skills, putting them to use to create secure networks for customers.

He enjoys the outdoors and loves to hike and ride bikes. Joe also enjoys landscaping and, most importantly, spending time with his wife and two dogs.

A Well-Trained Staff: Your Best Defense

The biggest threat to your business isn’t an outside attacker—it’s unaware employees. All it takes is one employee accidentally clicking on a bad email or opening a malicious attachment for your entire business to be compromised.

The best defense? Regular training for your staff on what to look for and what they can do to stay safe. Data security training should be part of your new employee onboarding, and staff should be retrained regularly.

We’ll work with you to customize data security training to fit your company’s specific needs and budget. Whether it’s regular, in-person training at your office or recorded webinars for new employees, we can create a training system to help your employees become your first line of defense.

Read our blog for deep dives into security topics like phishing, ransomware, CEO Impersonation attacks, and more.

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