Why We Changed Our Website and URL


2016-08-23_14-27-40.pngIf you’re a PTG customer, or a regular reader of our blog, it’s likely you’ve already noticed a pretty big change: Our website and URL
changed last week. You can now find us at www.GoPTG.com. We also changed our email addresses to match our new URL.  

Why We Made the Change 

There are a few reasons we decided to refresh our website and change our URL. Our old website was great when it was launched but it’s age was starting to show. We’ve grown a lot as a company over the last few years and it just wasn’t doing a great job of showing who we are as a company.

If you were looking for an Office 365 partner, there wasn’t a problem. But if you were looking for an IT support company, it could be pretty hard to find information on that, as well as other IT support options we offer.  

Plus, it wasn’t responsive, which didn’t make for a great experience for mobile users. 

The main reason we updated our website, URL and email addresses, though, was clarity. One of the fundamentals of PTG (which you can read more about on our new Our Culture page!) is “Do What’s Best for the Customer” – and to us, part of that is making it as easy as possible for our customers to get in contact with us to get help with their technology issues.

Our old URL and contact information didn’t always achieve that, though. Turns out, palmettotg.com isn’t really the easiest URL to understand over the phone (especially if you aren’t from the Palmetto State - fun fact: We now have customer on every continent except Antarctica). Engineers were constantly having to repeat and spell out our URL while on the phone with customers, which could lead to longer service calls and frustration on both sides.  

Another one of our fundamentals is “If you see a problem, own it.” We saw a problem that, while certainly not earth shattering, was causing unnecessary pain for our customers and our service team. So, when the conversation started about changing our updating our website, it was an obvious choice to add changing our URL to the scope of the change 

There were plenty of reasons not to do it. It would involve a lot more work for several members of our team, much of it after-hours, to ensure things like our phone system (which is run through Skype for Business) and our ticketing system stayed operational for customers. It would mean risking our Google search rankings that bring in new customers (which our marketing manager wasn’t a fan of doing). 

But ultimately, we strive to do what’s best for our customers, even if it isn’t always the easiest or most profitable thing for us.  

What It Means for You 

Because our URL and emails have changed, there are some small changes for our customers and anyone else who wants to get in contact with us. Here’s how to get in contact with us:  

Visit our new website: GoPTG.com 

Read our blog: Blog.GoPTG.com 

Get Remote Support: Support.GoPTG.com  

Submit a support ticket: Support@GoPTG.com 

Request a quote: Sales@GoPTG.com 

Get in touch via email: Info@GoPTG.com 

A few things haven’t changed. You can still call us at 864-552-1291 or swing by our office in downtown Greenville, SC. Our service offerings haven’t changed. We still offer outsourced IT support and Microsoft Cloud services (ask us about Office 365, Azure and EMS!). It’ll just be a little bit easier to get support now.  

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new site and URL. Leave a comment below, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or just shoot us an email at Info@GoPTG.com!