We moved! + Three Reasons to Include Your IT Company Early in an Office Move

We moved! + Three Reasons to Include Your IT Company Early in an Office Move

We moved! + Three Reasons to Include Your IT Company Early in an Office MoveIf you’ve been to our office recently, you know we outgrew our space a while ago. People were double and triple stacked in offices. Two people in our break room was a crowd. And our sales team was in a separate office down the hall.

So, when our lease ended, we packed up and moved out to a newer, bigger office. You can now find us at:

330A Pelham Rd.
Suite 200
Greenville, SC 29615

Our new office provides more space for our team, including room to continue to grow. We have a much bigger build room, making it easer for our team to work on customer equipment. We have a much nicer space for customers when they come in our office for meetings, too.

All in all, we’re excited to be in a new space. Drop by and see us sometime!


It wouldn’t be a PTG blog, though, without us including a few tips….


Three Reasons to Include your IT Support Company Early in an Office Move

If you’re moving office locations, or opening a new location, involve your IT Support company as early as possible in the process. Moving your entire IT infrastructure, even if your company is entirely cloud based, is not a small task. If you have physical servers in your office, it gets even more complicated.


1. They will help you manage vendors.

There will be some technology related things your IT support company doesn’t handle—but even with those, they can help you work with the vendors that DO handle those things to make sure it’s done right. In some cases, your IT company will be required to be involved.

For example, your internet is probably through a separate internet service provider (ISP). Your IT company can help you work with them to make sure that you have the right kind of set up at your new building, so your employees can start working on day one. Many ISPs also require an IT person to be on site when the new connection is set up.


2. They have to update and change settings you probably don’t know about.

Within your IT infrastructure, you have some settings based on your location. Unless you’re dealing with it every day, it’s likely something you wouldn’t know to change. That’s where your IT company comes in.

Some of those settings affect things like your firewall—and your ability to safely access the internet. If you don’t schedule this in advance with your IT company, you’ll likely face downtime while the settings get updated. If you schedule it in advance, most IT companies can make this switch after hours, so your employees don’t run into any issues.


3. They can help you get set up at your new location.

Even if you get a moving company to move your equipment, your IT company can help you get it all set back up at your new location. Again, this is something you’ll need to schedule in advance.

Make sure you also schedule post move support, especially if your move involves any new equipment. Having someone already on location can help your employees get up and running faster if they run into any issues.

Quick heads up: Most moving companies have pretty specific requirements for moving electronics—like computer monitors must be wrapped up. Make sure you know what these requirements are in advance!


Like most big IT changes, talking to your IT Support company proactively can help cut down on the number of reactive issues you have later.




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