The 1 Microsoft Teams Feature You May Not Be Taking the Best Advantage of Yet.

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Most of the world participated in two-years worth of digital transformation in the past two months, due to remote work during COVID-19. For many, that included depending on Microsoft Teams for daily chat, meetings, and file management. However, there is another Team's feature that hasn't gotten as much attention, but can save businesses an average of $10,000 annually when used correctly. What is this Teams magic bullet? Read on to find out. 

Microsoft Teams Business Calling Plans from PTG

It's Time to Check Out Teams Calling Capabilities

You can actually place calls from Teams to anywhere. Once you are set up with a managed Teams calling plan, connecting calls through chat, command bar, or calling tab becomes a one-quick process. 

Teams offers modern cloud calling which beats the call quality, flexibility and price of business landlines. 

When you set up Teams to place and receive calls, you can choose to port existing numbers, or have new numbers allocated. 

What Are The Advantages of a Teams Calling Plan? 

There are many advantages of a cloud calling solution like the ones available with Teams. 

  • Simple, flexible calling options. You can make mobile, audio, or video calls to local and long distance numbers. 
  • Full phone control. You can set up a custom voice mail message, put calls on hold, transfer to other team members, forward calls--all without leaving Teams. 
  • Keep track of contacts and call history in the easy to read and access Teams call logs. 
  • Save time by bringing all contact options into one unified platform. 
  • Save thousands of dollars per year when compared with traditional business phone systems. 

How Does PTG Manage A Teams Calling Plan? 

As your cloud phone managed service provider, PTG provides on-going support for Teams Voice. 

We start by ensuring a seamless migration from your old phone system. We also consult with you on your unique calling needs and goals and configure your cloud calling plan to match. Our help desk is available to troubleshoot any issues you ever experience with audio or video calling. We also keep you updated on how to monitor usage and optimize call quality. 

Schedule a discovery call today to learn why a cloud phone system is the direction to take your business this year. 

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