Teams Calling Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Business Calling Plans with Microsoft Teams from PTG

If you haven't looked into Microsoft Teams as an alternative to your current business calling plan, you should. We have helped several businesses save thousands on annual calling costs by making the switch. 

Here are some frequently asked questions small businesses have about business calling plans with Microsoft Teams. 

What do you mean by Teams Calling Plan? 

A Teams Calling Plan is an add-on telephone service that, when combined with Teams in Microsoft 365, can become the business voice solution for your entire organization. You'll get a primary phone number that will allow you to make and receive phone calls in Microsoft Teams. 

Do I have to change my numbers?

No, you can port your existing numbers to Teams, or you can get a new number through Teams. Porting your numbers can take anywhere from 5 to 30 days, depending on who your current phone provider is. We can work with your provider to make this transition as smooth and fast as possible. 

Can I have both my cell and PC ring?

Yes. One of the advantages of a cloud calling plan with Teams is that you can customize the settings to ring to both desktop and mobile devices. Teams calling is easy to operate using the Teams app on your mobile device. 

What other business calling features will I have? 

With Teams Voice enabled, you'll be able to forward your business number to your cell or another person, transfer calls to anyone else in your organization, and even have your voice mail messages sent to your email. 

What headsets work with Teams?

Teams Voice works with all Microsoft supported devices: 
Many other headsets with  mics will also work. We will be happy to test any other device for you. 

Can I pick a different area code for my Teams number?

Yes. Cloud calling gives you many customization options when it comes to numbers. 

What is the call quality like? 

In our experience, the call quality of a Teams call is often superior to a landline. You are also prompted to rate the call quality after a call, so that troubleshooting can be done if the quality is not what you expect. When you partner with PTG for your Teams business phone setup, we will have support address any call quality issues as soon as a ticket is submitted. 

Want to learn more about Teams Calling Plan Solutions? 

Here's a free one-pager for you to share with your team. Then, contact us to set up a five-minute discovery call to go over your options and get a quote. Quotes will be prepared in a first come, first serve basis. 

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