Valuable Business Data Bad Guys Can Easily Steal

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Dark web marketplaces are full of deals selling data from businesses like yours. What are they offering? Read on to find out...

Hackers Want Your RDP Credentials

Window PCs use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocols or (RDP) to allow users to remotely connect to a computer over a network.  RDP is normally used to access virtual desktops, and for the remote management of systems--two things which saw a big increase in users in 2020. 

Unfortunately, these credentials are often easily stolen because of the simple passwords used to access them. 

When bad guys gain access to RDP, it can provide an easy way into an organization's network. RDP compromise can lead to data spying, data breaches, ransomware situations and worse. 

Buy Now! RDP Credentials to Wreak Havoc

On the dark web right now are sites selling stolen RDP credentials. Bad guys can buy bundles of these credentials for thousands of businesses for less than $10 USD. 

With the right credentials and passwords, hackers can remotely access your network without you even knowing they're there.

Buying and selling RDP credentials on the dark web is a worldwide game, with hundreds of transactions taking place every day. 

RDP Credential Stealing is on the RiseWhy Are RDP Credentials Abused? 

There is such an active market for RDP because bad guys love that they offer remote access. This type of login allows attackers to anonymously compromise and monitor a network. Once in, they can enabling access to documents and other sensitive files, and change permissions to install malicious software.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Business? 

Organisations should take the threat of RDP compromise seriously. Every business needs an expert who can regularly review their systems and security.

Businesses also need strong password policies to prevent brute force access to corporate networks.

Finally, hire a trusted source to perform a dark web scan for your business or nonprofit. This can reveal if any credentials are already being sold on the black market. 

If compromised passwords or other credentials are found, there are things you can do immediately to limit your risk. 

Contact Us to learn more. 

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