Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (Oct 2016)

Office Apps in 3D

Support for 3D models will be added in Word, Excel and PowerPoint over the next year for the Windows 10 Creators update. Office features work seamlessly with 3D models and users can insert them from their desktops or Remix 3D. PowerPoint allows even more effects and options when the users apply transitions and bring their presentations to life.Office-365-apps.png



Outlook for iOS

If you love the scheduling assistant of Outlook in the desktop version, then you will love to hear that it is now coming to iOS. With the new edition, you can see into your co-workers availability and schedule accordingly all while you are on the go! Schedule meetings with clients, create an event for others to attend and see their availability with the new color system: white if everyone is available, yellow if one or more people are available and red if no one is available. With the time-picker feature, you can drag and drop the meeting until if shows in green, meaning everyone can make that time.



Digital Ink

Ink Editor is a powerful tool; the digital ruler enables the user to draw a straight line anytime and segment eraser enables you to remove excess ink easier. Other types of content is on the way as well, such as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). 3D models Office is being optimized to support SVG.  

New Compliances

Microsoft just achieved some new compliances making it the first IaaS, PaaS and SaaS provider to do so. Office 365 is designed according to DoD Security Requirements Guidelines Level 5!


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