Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (January 2017)


microsoft-office-365-icon-3.pngMicrosoft kicked off 2017 with updates geared towards integrating existing products to making working from any location and any device easier and safer. They also released a new product designed to make managing shift employees easier. 

Staff Hub

Microsoft announced the general availability of Staffhub for Office 365, an app to help schedule and manage shift workers. It gives managers the ability to easily create shift schedules and lets employees access their schedule from their phone. Outside of scheduling, the most useful for feature for many companies will be the ability to send messages within the app to individuals or groups. Learn more here

OneDrive for Business Updates 

OneDrive Updates including syncing SharePoint sites: Microsoft announced several new updates for OneDrive for Business. Our favorite is the ability to sync SharePoint Online team sites to OneDrive. This makes it much easier for users to work directly from SharePoint. Microsoft also released a standalone client for Macs. Read more about the updates here

Other notable updates include:

  • Office Lens is being integrated into Word and PowerPoint on Android devices. Read more
  • URL Detonation and Dynamics Delivery are now available as part of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. Learn more.  
  • Windows 10 upgrades are free for more Windows 10 subscriptions. More details here


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