Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (February 2017)


Manage your Security and Compliance Risk

microsoft-office-365-icon-3.pngYour Office 365 Secure Score is an analytic tool designed to apply a score to your current Office 365 security set up. Not only does the Secure Score help you understand your current position it can also display how adding additional controls can reduce your risk. The Secure Score is by no means is a guarantee that you will not be breached but rather a guide to your risk.

The Secure Score provides a quick look at your situation with a Secure Score Summary, which is the sum of your security configurations you have in place over the possible security configurations you could have.

Another great feature is the Score Analyzer which allows you to track your Secure Score over time and see which actions were available and which actions were taken, this can also help organizations plan their next move by providing suggestions on possible actions you could take to heighten your security. The suggestions are weighted based on the importance of the action and the level of impact it will have with the end user. Read more.


Office Training Roadmaps

As of February 9th, Office Training Roadmaps are available to help your organization set standards and track progress for six Microsoft Office apps. The roadmaps allow users to quickly access what you need to learn for Office 365, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Access 2016. The users can set a time frame to learn the material and track the progress the employees have made, ensure a capable workforce. Read more.

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