3 Great Resources to Keep You Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

As people around the world come to terms with social distancing to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, it is important to remember to do things to combat stress and stay mentally strong. 

Check out these great resources you can use while working from home, or just as a break from the 24-hour negative news cycle. 

Take This Advice from a Leading Performance Psychologist

Michael Gervais is a leading sports and performance psychologist who works with the Seattle Seahawks and has consulted with Microsoft, among many other of the world's top performers. He's been offering some great public advice this week. 

Michael Gervais Linkedin post

He posted some coping strategies on his LinkedIn yesterday about managing your mind during uncertain times.

It includes great tips on managing emotions, communicating effectively, and staying healthy. You can read the full post here. 

Read Some Inspiring Speeches

James Clear, the author of the bestselling book "Atomic Habits" posted a collection of some of the most inspiring speeches of all time. 

Famous Speeches and Great Talks

It's called "Great Talks Most People Have Never Heard" and Clear said he plans to keep updating it as more transcripts of great speeches become available. One of our favorites on the list is a speech titled "The Common Denominator of Success" by Albert E.N. Gray. 

You can access the entire list of great speeches here. 

View Some Museum Exhibits Virtually for a Healthy Dose of Culture

It may be tempting to bury yourself in work, or stay glued to television news or social media, however, you also need some healthy distractions to avoid getting stressed or depressed. PBS released 19 museum exhibits you can visit from your couch

Smithsonian virtual exhibits

There are links to everything from fine art and sculpture to history and jazz. Check them out when you're ready for a mental break, or want something fun and educational to do with the kids. 

Also, kids are not immune to the mental and physical strain of the pandemic. Fears and worries often show themselves at bedtime: kids are scared to go to sleep, miss their friends, and even have nightmares about the uncertainty in the world today. That's why these sleep experts created the guide Bedtime & Mental Health: 19 Apps for Parents Amid COVID:

BONUS Resource: C|Net's Guide for Staying Healthy and Entertained at Home

C|Net put together this article which contains tons of links to Coronavirus basics, plus working from home tips--even things to cook and use to keep the kids entertained. While we might not endorse everything linked to in this guide, it's a great bookmark to reference when ideas run dry. 

If you know of another great resource we didn't mention, leave us a comment and if it's good, we'll post it in an update. 

Stay healthy everyone! 

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