How do I modify the password settings for my users in Office 365?

Submitted by: Reed Wilson , President and Founder of PTG, a Microsoft Tier 3 Cloud Champion, Cloud Accelerate partner and Cloud deployment partner providing technology solutions including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Private Cloud, and IT Infrastructure to businesses and enterprises nationally.

We often get the question: I don’t want to have to change my Office 365 password every 90 days – how can I change that?  There are two ways to accomplish this task.  One is through the Office 365 Admin Center GUI and the other requires the use of Powershell.

1) To modify the password policy via the GUI, open up the Office 365 Admin Center and go to Service Settings.  Once you get to Service Settings, look in the right hand section of the screen and look for ‘Passwords’.  Once you click on this – you will have the option to change the frequency that passwords need to be changed.  We recommend somewhere between 90 and 180 days.




2) If you would prefer to set the passwords to never expire – you will need to use Powershell.  We won’t spell that out here – because Microsoft has a great article on how to accomplish this right here.

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