Why Dell managed services could fail

We were supporting a customer today on an issue and initiated a chat session with Dell, using the service tag from the machine. We were placed into a queue automatically based on the service tag (we did not get to choose which queue we were placed in) and were number 9 in queue.

After a 10 minute wait, the support rep informed us: "You've unfortunately reached the incorrect support queue. Your system is registered to the Commercial Business Group Support Segment. I am with the Small and Medium Business Support Segment. I can directly transfer you to the appropriate queue, where a technician best suited in assisting you is standing by. You may also reach them by phone at 1800 8XX-XXXX. Would you like me to transfer you now?"

Wait - we didn't reach anything - your system routed us here.

Regardless, our engineer was transferred to the next queue - where he was number 46 in queue.


This is where the Dell support model breaks down - the average small business owner (or worker) doesn't have the time or patience to sit in a queue for more than about 10 minutes.

Clearly Dell has the resources to adapt in order to keep these kinds of things from happening in the future - but if they don't get it right...who do you complain to? More importantly, will they care?

Is it even sustainable at their low rates?

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