When installing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 goes wrong on SBS 2003

We recently worked with a customer who attempted to install WSS 3.0 on an SBS 2003 box. This installation is a documented process from Microsoft (here), so it shouldn't be that tough, right?


SharePoint appeared to be installing correctly but would hang up on Step 5 of the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and throw the error:

An Exception of type System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException was thrown. Additional exception information: Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.proc_MSS_GetConfigurationProperty'

Uninstalling and reinstalling SharePoint did not work.

Recreating the search databases did not work.

So...we punted.

If you find yourself in this situation, here is what we did. There is no guarantee that this will work in your situation. When in doubt, call in an expert.

1) Uninstall SharePoint.
2) Do a command line uninstall of Windows Internal Database (also known as SQL Server Embedded Edition or SSEE).

Open a CMD window and run:

msiexec /x {CEB5780F-1A70-44A9-850F-DE6C4F6AA8FB} callerid=ocsetup.exe

Msizap T {CEB5780F-1A70-44A9-850F-DE6C4F6AA8FB}

Net stop mssql$microsoft##ssee

Sc delete mssql$microsoft##ssee

3) Check the registry for these entries and clean as needed:

a) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server
Edit the "InstalledInstances" value and remove "MICROSOFT##SSEE"

b) Remove the "MICROSOFT##SSEE" subkey under

c) Remove the "MSSQL.2005" subkey under

d) Remove “MICROSOFT##SSEE” from
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\Instance Names\SQL

e) Rename the following folder:


4) Reboot the server.
5) Reinstall WSS and start over.

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