BlackBerry Shortcuts

We love BlackBerry devices at PTG.  We tried to go the Windows Mobile route a few years back (after having used BlackBerry devices at larger corporations) and there really is no comparison for heavy email users. 

If it's multimedia you're after, you're better off with an iPhone or Windows Mobile device.  But if you want your smartphone to really work - we think BlackBerry is the way to go (with the exception of the Storm of course - the worst BlackBerry of all time). 

So how can you make your BlackBerry work harder?  Put these keyboard shortcuts to use.

While in the message list:

P - takes you to the prior day

N - takes you to the next day

U - takes you to the oldest unread message

Highlight the date, press the BlackBerry button and choose to delete prior to delete a large amount of messages.

Hold the Caps key and scroll down the message list to highlight multiple messages prior to deleting them.

While in an email:

B - takes you to the bottom of the message

T - takes you to the top of the message

R - replies to the sender

L - replies to all

F - forwards the message

Make AutoText work for you:

You don't have to worry about punctuation on most words - your BlackBery will use AutoText to replace your words.  You can also put this to work for you.

I use AutoText so that I can shorten words while typing.  Based on what I type in the BlackBerry knows what I mean and will replace my shortened text with the full word.  For example, I may put in mtg and the BlackBerry replaces that with meeting.  I use 'conf' and the BlackBerry knows I mean conference call.

You can review what words are already in AutoText.  In Options, choose AutoText and you'll see what is included out of the box.

To add your own, press the BlackBerry button and choose 'New'.

Set up your Out of Office Reply from your BlackBerry

If your afternoon golf game has extended a little longer, you can set your Out of Office reply directly from your BlackBerry.  While in the message list, choose 'options', 'email settings', and 'use out of office reply'.  This only works if you are a BES user.

Set up your Auto-Signature

While you're in these settings, you can also set up your Auto-Signature.

Turn-off confirm delete

Tired of confirming each time you want to delete something?  While in the list view (tasks, messages, etc.) hit the BlackBerry button and choose 'Options'. In email you have to go one step further and choose 'General Options'.  Set 'Confirm Delete' to No.

If you want a bunch more, go check out's write up:

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