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Medical Billing Center of the South

Medical Billing Company Streamlines Compliance with Office 365

Medical Billing Center of the South (MBC) serves clients throughout the United States. The company provides medical claims processing services and accounts receivables, filing claims electronically and processing them to completion.

Due to exponential growth in 2009 that doubled their business, MBC began encountering problems: IT issues were becoming more complex and time-consuming, document processing system needed continual monitoring and updates, and the email system no longer complied with HITECH and HIPPA regulations.


The Challenge: Because Email Wasn’t Secure, Compliance Was Cumbersome and Time-Consuming

For the first several years of the company’s existence, IT management fell to employees who happened to know a little about technology. MBC realized fairly quickly that with the growth they were experiencing, they would no longer be able to handle IT issues internally. They didn’t have the time or the expertise needed to ensure smooth operations and compliance.

The most significant problem that caused MBC to look for an IT partner was the need for high-level security. At the time, they had to come up with creative workarounds in order to maintain compliance with regulations. Brandy Watson, Marketing Manager at MBC, shared, “Because we did not have encrypted email, we had to contact our clients by phone or fax to protect their information. This wasted valuable time, especially with our increased workload.”

Secondly, MBC processes over 1 million pieces of paperwork per year through its electronic document system, which needs to be kept up-to-date and secure. Watson explained, “This system is essential to the day-to-day operations at MBC. We must keep it running smoothly, and that’s where we rely on PTG.” 

“The customer support PTG provides is unparalleled. MBC can provide outstanding service to its clients because we have PTG backing us up.”

Brandy Watson, Marketing Manager at Medical Billing Center of the South

What We Did: Office 365 Encrypted Email and Made Compliance Simple

MBC decided to outsource all of their IT in order to focus solely on their clients. The company

contacted PTG at the recommendation of a business colleague. “PTG is very knowledgeable about the medical industry, so we knew right away that we had the right company to support our IT efforts,” said Brandy Watson, Marketing Manager at MBC. “They were prepared and experienced and knew exactly what we needed.”

PTG implemented Office 365, which enables MBC to connect to email through the Cloud, and employees also benefit from a shared calendar and shared contacts. More importantly, email is now encrypted, which means it cannot be intercepted or decoded, creating the type of security and privacy needed for client communications and compliance with HITECH and HIPAA regulations.

PTG also set up monitoring to ensure that all server patches and updates are made for proper operation. If there is ever any issue, PTG is available to provide support as needed.

“We can now send confidential emails to our clients without worry and stay on top of privacy regulations.”

Brandy Watson, Marketing Manager at Medical Billing Center of the South

The Results: Our Solution Provides Worry-free Security with Significantly Greater Productivity and Allows MBC to Focus on Clients

MBC no longer has to worry about security issues, and compliance is now simple and straightforward. Employees are able to maximize use of their time, focusing on serving clients.

On an ongoing basis, MBC depends on PTG to manage its IT infrastructure completely. MBC credits its substantial growth to its excellent customer service and quality of work, so it’s vital that they maintain their focus on their business, leaving IT to PTG. “We have been working with PTG for several years now and rely on them for every IT issue,” says Brandy. PTG handles everything from a jammed copier and error messages to larger problems, including those from MBC’s clients, which normally relate to the server. PTG can often resolve problems remotely through the Internet, saving travel time and interruptions at MBC. 

PTG interfaces with our system providers—phone, copier, and others—to ensure that our business stays up and running. Plus, if I experience a problem with my computer, for example, they can access it remotely and usually resolve the issue in minutes—and I don’t even have to leave my desk. They continue to exceed our expectations.

Brandy Watson, Marketing Manager at Medical Billing Center of the South

Additionally, if MBC has a new hire or termination, we’re called to manage any technical aspects, such as ordering new computer or printer equipment or setting up an email account. Brandy elaborates, “For MBC, PTG functions as an internal IT group. Whenever we have technical questions or problems of any kind—no matter how small—PTG assists us very quickly. They have a plan in place for anything that may arise.”

When MBC first contacted PTG for support, it was on an as-needed basis, and MBC was billed project-by-project. “We realized that we were contacting PTG more than we anticipated, and employees had to ask if they could contact them for help with issues. It took time away from our business to determine who could contact them and how often. And when the HITECH Act was passed in 2009, we knew we needed PTG on a regular basis to assist with regulatory compliance matters.” explained Watson. PTG worked with MBC to establish a convenient flat-fee rate for their services.

We love our flat-fee support pricing because it allows us to call PTG without having to review IT requests, grant employee permissions, or check monthly budgets. It’s fantastic. Everyone benefits.

Brandy Watson, Marketing Manager at Medical Billing Center of the South

Benefits for MBC


We are able to focus on our clients and provide superior customer service because we have PTG supporting the most critical areas of our business—our email communications, electronic document system, and servers. They know their business—and our business—and their service is by far the best we have ever experienced.

Brandy Watson, Marketing Manager at Medical Billing Center of the South

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