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IT Support for Legal Practices

We understand the importance of billable hours and why it is critical to capture and bill each hour correctly. Whether your legal practice bills by the hour or a flat fee, every second counts.

With our legal industry knowledge and experience, we help you stay up and running with your applications and infrastructure so that you can easily and consistently document time entry and time management.

IT support for the legal industry includes:

  • Practice Management Applications
  • Document Management Systems
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Secure Extranets to Share Client Files
  • Legal Time and Billing Software Applications
  • Computer Repair
  • Data Backups and Data Recovery

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Office 365 for Legal Offices

We understand that while maximizing production is important – it must be carefully balanced with delivering value. Office 365 allows for just that. Law practices give Office 365 a close look for a few reasons -- see Office 365 benefits.


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