About Us

Meet the PTG Team

We can't stop a traffic jam. We can't make your kid get out the door for school on time. What we can do is cut the frustration and guesswork associated with IT. 

The PTG IT support team is made up of a wide variety of talents, experiences, and personalities. But we all have a few things in common:

We're business people first and technology people second.
Whether you're talking to sales, services, or our admin team, we're focused on solving a business problem—not sticking a bandage on a technology issue or selling you new stuff.

We believe technology should work for you, not against you.
While we may like the shiny new laptop that just hit the shelves, we understand it may not be the best solution for you. We believe in listening to all your IT support needs before making suggestions so we can provide the best solution for you —and get it right the first time.

We live by our Core Values.
The PTG Core Values are a written set of principles that we all know and live by. They define who we are and how we interact with our customers and our fellow team members. 

  1. We deliver phenomenal experiences. For our customers and our employees
  2. We play to win—but it’s a game and should be fun. We’re constantly competing for our customer’s business, and we want to win—but that doesn’t mean we should stop enjoying ourselves in the process. 
  3. Without people, no profits; without profits, no people. You can’t have one without the other, and we strive to always keep these in the right balance. 
  4. We are constantly learning—about our trade, our customers, and ourselves. Without learning, there is no growth. 


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