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PTG: Delivering Phenomenal Experiences

Our Culture

PTG fundamentals are core to our culture and values.

Most IT companies and managed IT service providers say the same things: “Big business IT for Small Business,” “We support your technology so you don’t have to,” “We were started by enterprise IT professionals who wanted to help small businesses.”

Great – so how does that help you, and what is different about PTG?

We believe that while we have many competitive differentiators, our #1 differentiator is what we call our “Fundamentals” – the written set of fundamental beliefs and practices of our company. Essentially, these are the things that make us, us.

Our IT support team understands and lives by them from day 1 on the job (seriously, agreeing to the fundamentals is part of our interview process).

While not all of these are readily apparent to our customers, we do believe that we exhibit these as part of the PTG experience. Here are a few you can expect to see in action when you talk to anyone on the PTG Team:

PTG IT Support Fundamentals“Do what’s best for the customer.” In every situation, think like you are the customer first. Always do what’s best for the customer, even if it is to our detriment. Short-term profits should never be traded for the trust of the customer. This fundamental is crucial and one you have to experience to believe. Our model is simple: you pay for the value you receive.


“Re-earn the business with every interaction.” This one is simple – we don’t lock our customers into long-term contracts, so we have to earn your business every time we work with you. If we don’t, you have the option to terminate us, no questions asked.

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Recent Awards

Mircrosoft Cloud Partner 2016
Best Places to Work 2016
Microsoft Cloud Partner 2015
Best Places to Work 2015
Microsoft Marketing 2015
Best Places to Work 2014
Best of Upstate 2014
Microsoft Cloud Partner 2013
Microsoft Community 2012



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