Ken West

Quick Fix Engineer

Ken West

Ken West, Quick Fix Engineer

As the director of managed services at PTG, Ken West is responsible for overseeing and managing the automation of the managed services clients. “I have a strong drive for effective, efficient, excellent service. My goal is to create systems and processes that maximize our ability to deliver service, while minimizing the time to resolution. By automating many of the processes that we follow, many problems can be solved without engaging an engineer. This allows our engineers to focus on problems that require a hands-on solution!” Born and raised in Portland, Maine, West attended Georgia Tech, Bob Jones University and graduated from Clemson.

Work Experience
West has been an IT professional since the mid-1980s where his positions and responsibilities have included sales, tech support, management, database management, network management, and 2 stints as a business owner - first as the founder of Ken West and Associates and then as the President of Lighthouse Networks. West traveled to 26 states and 3 countries during 1999 to prepare for the changes expected during the Y2K period.

Specialty/Industry Experience
From a technology perspective, West’s focus and passion has always been helping small businesses maximize their profitability by applying technology solutions to their business needs.

West holds several certifications from Microsoft. He is also a Labtech Certified Professional and a Certified Trusted Advisor.

Favorite Piece of Technology
“My mobile phone – it allows me to work from anywhere, at any time.”

Interesting Fact
West is a traveler. He has been to 49 states (Alaska will be visited soon), 3 continents, and numerous foreign countries. Ken loves to experience the people, cultures, and food from around the world. His plan for retirement includes sailing around the world.

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